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In 1992, GE`s CF34 engine family helped launch a new era in regional jet aviation. More than 140 million flight hours and 113 million flight cycles later, it continues to set the standard for performance, durability and world-class reliability. Today, the CF34 engine family is in greater demand than ever before, with more than 470 orders in 2013 and record-high production levels. By 2020, more than 7,500 CF34 engines will be powering regional aircraft. The CF34-8C5 is an advanced 14,500 pound thrust class turbofan propulsion system that powers the Bombardier CRJ900 Series airliner. The engine features 50% more thrust, higher thrust to weight ratio, lower specific fuel consumption, reduced number of parts, and improved maintainability as compared to the CF34-3. The CF34-8C5B1 is a derated version of the CF34-8C5, and powers the Bombardier CRJ700 Series airliner. With minimal changes, the CF34-8C5B1 is fully interchangeable with the CF34-8C5 on either the CRJ700 or CRJ900 aircraft, providing optimum value for mixed fleet operations. The CF34-10E engine represents a considerable capability increase over the other CF34 engine models. It incorporates the same basic development philosophy and operational features that have earned exceptional market success for the CF34-3 and -8 Series engines: low-risk, proven technology, low operating costs through high reliability, ease of maintenance, best-in-class fuel economy and excellent environmental characteristics. Since its service entry in 1992, the CF34-3 engine has earned an industry-leading reputation as one of the cleanest and most fuel-efficient engines in its class. The CF34-8C is the most recent member of the CF34 engine family to be certified for Bombardier applications. The CF34-8E is an advanced 14,500 pound thrust class turbofan propulsion system that powers Embraer`s 70-90 passenger airliners, the EMBRAER 170/175. GE will provide the total CF34-10A propulsion system for the COMAC ARJ21 – an advanced 18,000 pound thrust class turbofan, with nacelle/thrust reverser and Engine-Buildup Unit (EBU) components. The CF34-10E is an advanced 20,000 pound thrust class turbofan propulsion system, selected to power the EMBRAER 190/195 and Lineage 1000 aircraft. GE Aviation is a world-leading provider of commercial, military and business and general aviation jet and turboprop engines and components as well as avionics, electrical power and mechanical systems for aircraft. GE has a global service network to support these offerings. GE and its customers are also working together to unlock new opportunities to grow and deliver more productivity beyond traditional services. GE Aviation is becoming a digital industrial business with its ability to harness large streams of data that are providing incredible insights and in turn, real operational value for customers.

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