Ottosen Propeller – ORING #C3317-228

    In order to provide the highest quality service to our customers, Hartzell has assembled a worldwide network of Recommended Service Facilities (RSF) and Service and Support Centers (SSC). These independent propeller repair stations not only meet their local aviation authority`s standards, but more importantly meet Hartzell`s rigorous standards as well. Recommended Service Facilities (RSF) are verified by Hartzell as meeting Hartzell`s strict standards to properly service and maintain Hartzell products, including completion of major repairs, warranty work and full propeller overhaul. Service and Support Centers (SSC) are Hartzell-recognized as meeting standards to perform most major repairs and warranty work. Both Hartzell RSF`s and SSC`s must meet demanding standards and SSC`s must meet demanding standards and qualifications, including: Passing Hartzell`s regular on-site quality systems and process audits Having trained and qualified technicians who attend required training updates at Hartzell Maintaining necessary approved tools and equipment Maintaining Hartzell special process approvals Hartzell recommended propeller repair stations are listed below. If you plan to use a propeller repair station not listed, please refer to Questions to Ask Your Prop Shop to make sure they have the appropriate qualifications. C

    SKU: #C3317-228