We pioneer cutting-edge technologies that deliver the cleanest, safest and most competitive solutions to our planet`s vital power needs. Keep up to date with the latest announcements, reports and publications from Rolls-Royce. We have a fundamental role in meeting the environmental and societal opportunities and challenges that the world faces. More than 31,000 M250s have been delivered to date for both current and cutting-edge applications, with an estimated 16,000 engines currently in service. Originally developed as the T63 to meet a US Army requirement for a 250 shp turboshaft, the Series I M250 has spawned an entire family of small turbine engines. A program of continuous development has resulted in today`s range of Series II and Series IV engines, which power many of the world`s most popular helicopters. The recently introduced Value Improvement Package (VIP) kit gives Series IV operators a post-production option to improve performance by five percent. A FADEC upgrade program will also deliver improved capability and reliability. Different helicopter and fixed-wing applications in both civil and military markets Two-shaft modular design featuring a two-stage LP turbine, two-stage HP turbine, and a gearbox with 6,000rpm output. Compressed air is routed to the aft end of the engine for combustion, with exhaust gases exiting from the middle of the engine. The Series II features four to six-stage axial and single-stage centrifugal compressors with a hydro mechanical fuel control system. The larger Series IV family is identical in layout except for having a single-stage centrifugal rather than an axial/centrifugal compressor. The latest Series IV turboshafts also feature a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system. Dedicated to keeping your fleet airborne, no matter where you`re based. With 200 million flight hours and over 50 years of turboshaft experience to our name, Rolls-Royce offers an unparalleled level of service. With 16,000 turboshaft and turboprop engines in service with more than 4,500 customers, nothing less than world class service will do. In order to continue providing both global and competitive support Rolls-Royce has renewed the FIRST network with 33 authorised service centres, providing operators the maximum level of choice and competition for local service and support. By offering a joint network of company owned Rolls-Royce Repair & Overhaul Facilities, independent Authorised Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Centres, Authorised Maintenance Centres, Authorised Military Overhaul Facilities, and Authorised Repair Facilities, Rolls-Royce ensures there are always options. Our training courses are designed against a backdrop of in-service operational data, latest maintenance practices, and troubleshooting procedures. As experts in our field, we can help you identify your training requirements and create a training package that perfectly fits. Our practical approach to learning can be delivered at any one of our training centres around the world, or on-site at your own facility. Rolls-Royce announces new smart phone app to enhance FIRST network helicopter support Rolls-Royce pioneers cutting-edge technologies that deliver the cleanest, safest and most competitive solutions to meet our planet`s vital power needs.

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