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We pioneer cutting-edge technologies that deliver the cleanest, safest and most competitive solutions to our planet`s vital power needs. Keep up to date with the latest announcements, reports and publications from Rolls-Royce. We have a fundamental role in meeting the environmental and societal opportunities and challenges that the world faces. The RB211-524G/H&-T engine powers over 75 aircraft in service today and is the first engine ever to achieve more than 27,500 hours on-wing. Since 2001, the RB211-524G/H-T has been providing Boeing 767 owners with the lowest possible cost of ownership. In the RB211-524G/H & -T the HP turbine system is designed to operate at Trent 700 temperatures that are significantly higher than the original RB211-524. Because of this, the engine is able to better retain its performance characteristics throughout its service life. The RB211-524G/H & -T offers full commonality and engine changeability for a Boeing 747 and Boeing 767 mixed fleet. This results in lower spares holdings and added value for customers. The innovative wide-chord fan blades allow a reduction in the number of total fan blades – increasing efficiency, reducing noise and giving unrivalled protection against foreign object damage. Through the Rolls-Royce concept of family designs, the RB211-524G/H-T was upgraded with 04 module HP (high pressure) technology developed on the Trent 700 engine family in 1997. In the RB211-524G/H-T, the HP turbine system is designed to operate at Trent 700 temperatures that are significantly higher than the original RB211-524. The Trent style combustor reduces NOx emissions by 40 per cent, making the RB211-524G/H-T the engine with the lowest NOx emissions on the Boeing 747-400. Offering choice and flexibility throughout the product lifecycle via a competitive global network. Delivering optimal value across the diverse service needs of our growing customer base. TotalCare is much more than just an engine maintenance plan. It is a service concept based upon predictability and reliability TotalCare covers predictive maintenance planning, work scope creation and management plus off-wing repair and overhaul activities. TotalCare transfers both time-on-wing and shop visit cost risks back to Rolls-Royce. Secured cost of operating and maintaining your Rolls-Royce engines via a $/engine flying hour ($/efh) payment mechanism. Enhanced availability as a result of the deep engine knowledge that only the manufacturer can provide, coupled with our scale, global reach and our fleet-wide experience. Advanced engine health monitoring and inclusion of product durability and reliability improvements. Fully integrated service – you concentrate on running your business, while we take care of your engines. Under TotalCare Life, you pay a known $/efh rate for as long as you operate the engine (subject to a minimum term). There is no fixed expiry date for the service and so you are covered for as long as you operate the engine. The $/efh rate reflects the true cost of engine maintenance throughout the period of operation; so if you choose, mid-way between overhauls, to sell the aircraft to another operator, who also chooses TotalCare, your contributions already made towards the next overhaul are transferred to the new operator. This enables you to sell the engine for a higher price. This structure is fully aligned with the needs of engine lessors and can avoid the requirement to pay maintenance reserves. With TotalCare Term, the $/efh rate you pay only funds the shop visits that are expected to occur during the length of the agreement. This means that if the term ends midway between shop visits, you will not have made any contribution towards the engine life used since the last shop visit. This enables a lower $/efh rate, which is attractive during the term of the agreement, but also means that either a higher $/efh rate will be charged for any follow-on agreement or that the engine re-sale value may be less. TotalCare Flex is different from TotalCare Life or Term. It provides all of the risk transfer characteristics of traditional” TotalCare, but recognises that what you really want is to minimise costs, whilst releasing all of the engine life you own before the aircraft is retired from service. We will provide engine thrust through a full overhaul to maximise time-on-wing, or via a partial overhaul that takes the engine to its retirement date or by an engine swap. TotalCare Flex is typically applicable to owned engines; leased aircraft can be included in which case the saving due to engine life released is passed to the lessor. These are short-term, event-based services that we can provide for you, without the need for a long-term services contract. Foundation Services can be used either to supplement your existing TotalCare or SelectCare cover or as an alternative to a long-term services agreement. The main ingredients of Foundation Services are Fixed-Price Overhauls and Time and Material shop visits, as described below. You may also procure other services, such as On-Wing services, training or dedicated spare engine leasing, even if you do not need an engine overhaul. Some Foundation Services are provided free of charge to all customers, the rest are paid for when they are delivered and hence there is no need for any $/efh payment structure. This service lets you know what the cost will be, before you send an engine into the shop for an overhaul. The price quoted is valid for specific engine serial numbers and workscopes only. The quotation will be based on the current condition of the engine (this is usually based on performance records rather than a physical inspection of the engine) and so will only be valid for a few months, rather than the long-term cost protection provided by SelectCare. The other principal difference between SelectCare and Fixed-Price Overhauls is that under SelectCare the overhaul workscope is generally provided by Rolls-Royce but under Fixed-Price Overhauls the workscope is usually developed by the overhaul shop. If you want an overhaul for which you know that you will only pay for the parts and labour your engine needs, then a Time and Material overhaul may be the right choice. You can specify your workscope to match your individual requirements. As with Fixed-Price Overhauls, the workscope is set by the overhaul shop, not Rolls-Royce. It should be noted that there are likely to be other costs associated with a Time and Material overhaul, for example handling fees, transportation or outside repairs. Providing better, simpler and more flexible support to help lessors keep their fleets flying. LessorCare is a pioneering new service designed specifically for lessor customers. LessorCare addresses the needs of lessors to have access to a simple but flexible service offering by drawing together a range of services under one comprehensive framework, while allowing customers the opportunity to adapt the level of service through the life of the engine. We recognise that lessors need to be able to move quickly to take advantage of market opportunities. LessorCare helps them by providing a single overall framework for all their Rolls-Royce engine types. This framework encompasses today`s lessor-dedicated services and is flexible enough to cater for new innovative lessor-specific services which we are developing. LessorCare allows both parties to establish commercial arrangements and terms of business to ensure everything is in place for the lessor to call on as and when required, be that planned, or (more likely) unplanned following, for example, a default situation. It is non-exclusive and will not restrict any lessor`s ability to retain choice and flexibility of service provision. LessorCare enables lessors to swiftly call upon Rolls-Royce maintenance and/or availability services, normally, but not exclusively, when the aircraft is between operators. Technical data and advice is available to lessors whenever they need it and a wide range of asset management services are available which help lessors to reap the maximum return from their engine investments. A key part of LessorCare is the creation of a dedicated aircraft transitions team within Rolls-Royce who use their market and engine knowledge to proactively and reactively assist with the smooth exit of aircraft from one operator and its placement and service entry with its next operator. LessorCare also helps lessors to maximise the terminal asset value of their engine inventory when they decide to finally withdraw them from service. Rolls-Royce and Thai Airways International to collaborate on expansion of Trent engine service network Rolls-Royce pioneers cutting-edge technologies that deliver the cleanest, safest and most competitive solutions to meet our planet`s vital power needs.

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